Can You Bring A Baby To A Movie Theater?

By Law / May 30, 2017

Can You Bring A Baby To A Movie Theater?

The short answer is YES!

If you just gave birth to a newborn baby, it is possible to take them to the movie theater. In this video Krystal and I share how we go to the movies and some tips so you have a good experience.

Of course going to the movies with a newborn poses some challenges. The baby might start crying, the movie might play too loud, some moviegoers will be offended just because you have a baby in the theater regardless if they cause a disturbance or not.

Search Google For “Baby Friendly Cinemas”

Go to Google and perform a quick search for “baby friendly cinemas” and add your zip code at the end. You’ll probably find some theaters that offer a special day and time for baby friendly features. This doesn’t always return the best results, but it’s a good starting point. If you don’t find any theaters with baby friendly days and times, don’t be discouraged. Some of the other tips are great for finding a theater that will work for you.

Call Local Theaters And Ask

You can simply call up any theater listed in your local area, and ask them directly if they have any times that are good to bring newborns. Some theater’s may have certain policies that aren’t placed on the website. This could be good to do even when you find their policy on their website.

When Krystal and I went to the theater, they seemed to be unaware of the policy on their site and didn’t follow their own policy for a popular film.

Bring Ear Plugs

It would be good to bring a pair of baby-safe earplugs. This can help when film audio is too loud and you want to protect the baby’s hearing.

During the second film, the theater allowed us to see Rogue One since they hadn’t changed their policy. They still played the movie loud and unfortunately, we had no ear plugs. So we spent some of the time outside the theater to avoid the loud noise.

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