How To Earn $350 Driving Lyft

How To Earn $350 Driving Lyft

By Law / March 25, 2019

Ridesharing – (earn between $10-35 an hour plus bonuses)

Ridesharing is a fast growing industry. Companies like Uber and Lyft pay you to drive. I currently drive for Lyft because I wanted to get in their Rental Express program. It also didn’t hurt that they were giving out $500 bonuses once I completed a certain number of rides within a certain amount of time.

They both are great opportunities for anyone that doesn’t mind spending a few hours driving passengers around. There’s a few things you gotta do to become a driver. Of course they have background checks and vehicle inspections that you will be required to pass before approval.

Below you’ll find the rates to get an idea what you’ll earn driving for each company.

Lyft Rates:

SharedLyftLyft XLLuxLux BlackLux Black XL
Base Rate1.34251.34252.253.005.2510.50
Base Rate – Express Drive1.34251.3425N/AN/AN/AN/A
Cancel Penalty5.
Max Rate300.00300.00300.00375.00525.00525.00
Min Rate2.
Min Rate – Express Drive2.252.25N/AN/AN/AN/A
Per Mile0.60750.60751.351.53752.66253.075
Per Mile – Express Drive0.60750.60751.2751.46252.58753.00
Per Minute0.210.210.26250.26250.300.4125
Per Minute – Express Drive0.210.21N/AN/AN/AN/A
Scheduled Cancel Penalty10.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.00

Uber Rates:

UberPoolUberXUberXLSelectBlackBlack SUV
Base Fare1.791.793.004.007.7514.75
Per Minute0.200.280.350.450.790.83
Per Mile0.810.811.801.802.433.26
Cancellation Fee5.
Service Fees1.851.852.152.1500
Min Fare 4.854.859.1511.1515.7525.75

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