My Plan For Financial Freedom – 129 Days To Go

129 Days To Financial Freedom

I have given myself 180 days total to achieve financial freedom. I’m at Day 50 as of the day of publishing this post.

I go over the smart contracts that I’m invested in and how I plan to strategically maneuver risk and promote sustainability.

Right now I’m struggling financially. Last year I was laid off from my job as a web developer. Just before I lost my job, I started a crypto channel. It reached 1000 subscribers before I shut it down.

Why did I shut it down?

The Crypto space grew toxic after the market “crashed” in December 2017. So I chose to walk away. Not from crypto, but focusing on solely crypto as a YouTube channel.

I started this channel before I started my crypto channel, but I realized that being a dad meant more to me than crypto.

So here I am mixing the two subjects. I am using crypto to provide the kind of life for my children that I never experienced.

I plan to get involved in many things other than crypto, but right now I need to focus on setting myself up with a foundation for self-actualization.

I want my kids to have to freedom to choose the life they want to have, and what I’m planning is the best way to make that a reality for them.

I’m tired of struggling with bills!

The constant nagging of financial turmoil is a feeling many of us parents are too familiar with. Even the upper middle class goes through this.

It’s a distraction from reaching your greatest potential. Most of us will spend our entire lives catching up with our finances and enjoying only 2 weeks “vacation” a year.

What if I told you that you could plan financial freedom a soon as 24hrs and as long as 2 years, and it’s practically guaranteed once you get started?

You can earn a daily income of unlimited potential. Imagine earning $1000 a day, or even $10,000 a day. It’s all possible with smart contracts.

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