How To Plan Your Own Deadline For Financial Freedom - 126 Days

How To Plan Your Own Deadline For Financial Freedom

There’s a huge benefit to smart contracts. They are all based on math. That makes them very easy to predict based on the data that you collect.

The smart contracts I’m invested in are very simple and easy to plan for. All you need to do is understand the terms of the smart contract, and you can leverage that information to plan your journey to financial freedom down to the day.

This is possibly the easiest way there is to earn passive income. Once my goal is reached, I will spend around 2 hours a day messing around with my smart contracts and the rest will be doing whatever I want.

Have you ever wanted to get paid hundreds of dollars a day spending 10 or less hours a week “working”? I wouldn’t even call it work because it’s so simple and most of the “work” I’m doing is obsessively looking at projected numbers.

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